How to Never Run Out of Things to Talk About with Kate and Josh

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Initially, my husband, Josh Curtiss, and I conceived of this episode as a way to share about the importance of play and imagination in our relationship and as a 2-year wedding anniversary present to ourselves (and 14 years together). But after I put a question sticker on Instagram for relationship questions and received a massive response – it became a place for us to dive into not just play, imagination, and fun but also the highs and lows of our relationship. So often, we are not afforded peeks inside of a real relationship, but on this episode we are real and honest and totally transparent about the good, the bad, and the spicy. We cover fighting, cheating, forgiveness, keeping it sexy after 14 years, always having something to talk about, staying curious about your partner, and so much more. This episode was built for those who love love, who want to hear about the choices we make in relationships to stay through the tough stuff, and about how to evolve together. We also answered all of your questions! Do we want children? What are our love languages? And so many more.

As a note, this episode does contain some explicit content where we talk about sex, though it is not graphic in nature.

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Resources Mentioned: 

From the Core by John Wineland

Artist in Love by Madelyn Moon

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