A Search for the Natural State of Health, Farming, and Beyond with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Dr. Anthony Gustin is a man leveraging his curiosity to find opportunities in the problems of our modern age. He started as a chiropractor working with elite level athletes and saw the need for education around nutrition. That first crossover led him into founding Perfect Keto, Equip Foods, and helping put together Zero Acre Farms. He’s as much of a disruptor as he is a dreamer – and lately, he’s been getting into farming on his small farm, Joyfield Farms, outside of Austin, Texas. In this conversation, we explore modeling life after Wendell Berry and having a balance between intellectual and more physical and farm-related pursuits. We talk about the natural state of humans and whether or not we can get back to it, and if we can’t, what might come next and how in order to build it we have to start trying to solve some problems of progress. Anthony shares how to get people engaged with everything from eating real food to buying directly from farms and how some of his companies have served as stepping stones in that space. We dive into the scale of agriculture currently and what it’s going to take to get smaller farms in financial shape to begin to provide a viable alternative to the corporate organism. Anthony also shares some of his big questions about farming, as a self-professed novice, and how people have reacted to his viewpoints. This conversation asks big questions but also posits big solutions.

We also talk about:

  • Americans consumption of over 70 billion pounds of polyunsaturated fatty acids per year – can animal fats compete?
  • Finding a spiritual practice coming from an atheist background
  • The importance of community
  • & so much more.

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