Cultivating Curiosity and Learning to Think Critically with Will Reusch

Will Reusch has 16 years of experience as a high school teacher first in a public school in East LA and now in Private School –  a teacher of history, civics, geography, government, and more – his main mission is to teach kids not what to think, but HOW to think. We explore the pitfalls of the current education system, everything from the unnatural environment of fluorescent lights to how curiosity, in the current paradigm, is viewed as disruptive and compliance is what makes a better student. Will aims to turn that on its head, exploring how we can connect kids to the material they’re learning, help them seek out the why, and develop an open and curious mind. We also dive into how to have conversations as adults in an increasingly polarized political environment, asking how we can build bridges instead of deeper divides. Will’s work on instagram has been to create a space where conversation is welcome and a diversity of ideas and viewpoints are encouraged when looking at some hard-hitting topics. We touch on the place of religion and get curious about how a declining belief system has potentially led to a sort of unmooring and seeking framework for beliefs in political structures instead. We dive into the role grief might play in culture and how our turning away from death and our “disgust” response leads us to shield ourselves. Throughout the conversation, the idea of the importance of struggle is present, and how, even if it’s manufactured, struggle is important for creating a sense of purpose.

We also talk about:

  • How just looking at things through the lens of “good” and “bad” leaves no room for nuance and complexity
  • How we can scale good education in a K-12 model
  • Seeking out disconfirmation and its importance in critical thinking
  • How meat got vilified and how that conversation is going

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Notable Works:

Why K-12 Need Viewpoint Diversity

How to Scale Good Education with Will Reusch and Hollis Robbins

Further Reading:

Ryan Holiday’s Book

How to Have Impossible Conversations: A Very Practical Guide by Peter Bhogossian and James Lindsay 

John McWhorter’s Work

Resources Mentioned:

Louis CK ‘Kids Asking Why’

Will Reusch on Factory Farming and Slavery

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