Farming in Collaboration with the Earth + Cosmos with China Tresemer of Hiyu Wine Farm

China Tresemer is at once writer, artist, winemaker, farmer, and something else altogether. Her new website, Still Life with Field Notes, is dedicated to weaving together the threads of her work in collaboration with the earth – from her art, writing, recipes, and beyond. At home in the space where the Hood River meets the Columbia River, between rainforest and desert, China grows plants, animals, and grapes at Hiyu Wine Farm. She opens by talking about how farming is her medium, and in the conversation the theme of medium, in between, and liminal recurs. In this episode, we explore the natural winery she co-founded, Hiyu, and what it means to grow dozens upon dozens of grape varietals under categories such as light phenomena, birds of prey, constellations, and the hedgerow. We get curious about the space where terrestrial bodies meet celestial bodies and where astrology influences people and plants alike. We dive deep into unpacking terroir through the lens of the beautiful intimacy we can find with animal, land, season, and people. China shares her thoughts on recipes, cooking, and how taste invites us to connect to something deeper. Fermentation is at the heart of many of the inner workings of Hiyu and we explore its connection to transformation – whether it’s compost into fertility, grapes into wine, or leaven into bread. This is a wide ranging and beautiful conversation for ushering in the Autumn season.

We also talk about:

  • Permaculture, Biodynamic, and ultimately – learning to read the land
  • Autumn and the space between
  • Farming and the connection to the spiritual
  • & so much more

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