Liquid Gold + Living Out Your Dharma with Lynn Goodwin and Kim Welch

Lynn Goodwin and Kim Welch are helping others connect to their health, the land, and their dharma – and they started with ghee. Farmtrue founders Lynn and Kim wanted to share the Ayurvedic principles that had changed their lives and knew that ghee was the perfect gateway – but their business stretches far beyond their 100% grass-fed and grass-finished ghee. In this episode, we let a lot of truths bubble up to the surface. We talk about living in connection with the seasons and nature and the basics of Ayurveda. We have a very open conversation about what it means to really source from local farmers and to be true to your mission as a business. We get vulnerable about the triumphs, hardships, and evolution of small business ownership. Not to mention – a deep dive into fat and ghee.

We Also Talk About:

  • Finding spirituality and connection in nature
  • Separating your value from your business
  • Living out your dharma
  • Seeking balance and harmony in mind, body, and soil.


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