Reciprocal Living with Shele Jessee

Shele Jessee is a polymath. Rancher, shepherd, tanner, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and beyond, Shele Jessee of Hollow Bone shares a peek into her philosophy and life in the Central Coast of California. We talk about her journey back to the land and into the world of ranching alongside stories around the state of drought and trust in rural communities in the West. Shele weaves the magic of turning her relationship with nature tactile through hide tanning and slow fashion. We dive into reciprocal relationships – both on and off the land. Shele shares her ideas around creating and finding beauty in the every day – ideas that I’m sure will resonate with all listeners.

We Also Talk About

  • Ranching on leased land
  • Supply chains
  • Intuition and living a life full of feeling
  • Entrepreneurship


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