Building Strength from the Inside Out with Ashleigh VanHouten

Ashleigh VanHouten is at the center of exploring muscles – both building them in the gym and cooking them in the kitchen. Author of cookbooks Carnivore-ish and It Takes Guts and pioneer of women’s strength training programs her work makes cooking and exercise feel easy and accessible. During this conversation, Ashleigh and Kate explore the world of incorporating organ meats into your diet from a place of no shame – whether you’re highlighting them or hiding them, these nutrient dense superfoods deserve a place on your plate. Ashleigh talks about being a woman in male-dominated industries and how marketing has shaped the way women eat and train over the years, for better and worse. She talks about how we can celebrate the differences in women’s physiological and hormonal outlays to train better, prioritize recovery, and get the protein women need in their diets. In that same vein, Ashleigh discusses her carnivore-ish pregnancy and what it has been like to begin to introduce the next generation to nutrient dense foods like organ meats in her baby’s diet. This conversation is wide-ranging and incredibly empowering.

We also talk about:

  • Healthspan and considering muscle mass as we age
  • Taking a critical look at our end goals by asking “to what end?”
  • Prioritizing feeling good and how the byproduct might be looking good

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