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We're Laying the Ground Work

Ground Work is a powerful farm finding search engine, a podcast centered around storytelling, and a mission built business centered around three interconnected themes: mind, body, and soil. Above all else, Ground Work is a space to help you find connection back to the land, back to yourself, and back to your community.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that there’s a disconnect between us and our food. It takes many shapes: nutrient loss in soil over the years, a decreasing knowledge of how our food is grown and where it comes from, a rift in our ability to listen to our body’s needs, even a disconnect in our own understanding of our place in nature. We see that disconnect and want to sow connection in its stead through transparency, honest and open conversations, and accessible information around food and health. 


We want to connect farmers and people. As we see it, we have two problems: farms have troubles finding local customers, and people have troubles finding local food. This doesn’t need to be the case. That’s why we built a farm finder with all the things we wanted to see: farms already screened for great practices and pasture-raised and grass-fed meat alongside a set of filters that allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for. A farm right Near Home is only one click away.


Podcasts feel like a modern day campfire, a place where we can all gather to hear stories. I think storytelling and food are embedded in our DNA – a part of what it means to be human. We spent our days hunting and gathering and our nights gathered around the fire to share our triumphs, hardships, and what we had learned in hopes that we could better ourselves and our tribe. The Mind, Body, and Soil podcast is just like that – a space to learn and listen and get curious about what it means to be human.

Kate is a farmer, butcher, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner.

She brings her experience in regenerative agriculture and nutrition along with her particular brand of storytelling to the podcast and to the standards for the farm finder. She lives with her horses, goats, cows, and birds on a small farm with her husband Josh. When she’s not helping to run their butcher shop or farm, you can find her reading and cavorting outside.


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