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After over 10 years of visiting farms and ranches along the Front Range and across the country, speaking with experts in the fields of nutrition, and working on my own practices – whether it was nutrition, meditation, or yoga, it was time to share this with others. 

I also knew that the time we take to let a story unfurl had become too short. In an age of listicles, twitter posts, and instagram stories we had lost that the truth and wisdom in a story needs time to percolate. Humans, Homo sapiens, were always oral storytellers – and that tradition has found a home in podcasts. 

In many ways, this is the modern campfire, where we can gather together to hear those stories of triumphs and hardships, stories with information and wisdom we ourselves may be searching for, and stories of the human spirit. 

All of our stories are centered around three interconnected themes: mind, body, and soil.  


Kate Kavanaugh brings her curiosity and

wide knowledge base to the table as she sits down with all of her guests. Fostering a space where conversations can range from the technical to the esoteric, she creates space for stories to come through. Bringing her expertise in land management, nutrition, butchery, entrepreneurship along with her voracious appetite for reading, Kate lends listeners a sense of groundedness and purpose in her interviews. 


Guests from across a wide range of focuses – from farming, to nutrition, to conservation, and beyond. Some episodes give us a bird’s eye view of a topic, allowing space for us to see the ways in which it connects in a greater landscape. Other episodes are granular, focusing on a study of something specific. Each guest an opportunity to let a new story unfurl in a way that connects us back to mind, body, and soil. Interviews that take the long road home – finding those pockets of synchronicity where each one of us can find a reflection of what it means to be human. 

Essential Listening

Episode 4: Reciprocal Living with Shele Jessee

MIND + SOIL Reciprocal Living with Shele Jessee Shele Jessee is a polymath. Rancher, shepherd, tanner, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and beyond, Shele Jessee of Hollow Bone shares a peek into her philosophy and life in the Central Coast of California. We talk about her journey back to the land and into the world of ranching alongside stories around the state of drought and trust in rural communities in the West. Shele weaves the magic of turning her relationship with nature tactile through hide tanning and slow fashion. We dive into reciprocal relationships – both on and off the land. Shele

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Episode 1: Laying the Ground Work with Kate Kavanaugh

MIND, BODY, & SOIL Laying the Ground Work with Kate Kavanaugh In this inaugural solo episode, I cover my personal journey while weaving in the themes of mind, body, and soil that we’ll explore in future episodes. I talk about how my curiosity around nature and the meat industry led me to a career in regenerative agriculture, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and how working with regenerative farms and seeing nature’s incredible resiliency taught me about my own resiliency. This first episode is part my own human journey, part history of agriculture, and part the mirror that nature holds

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