Tides of Time and Oysters with Lissa Monberg

Lissa Monberg is a fifth generation farmer in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, where she is steward to Hama Hama Oysters and Hama Hama Logging. We talk about natural resource management and the beautiful relationship between agriculture and aquaculture. Hama Hama celebrates their centennial this year, and we explore the ways in which a business changes over a century, going from resource extraction to resource sustainability to restorative stewardship. We explore plenty about the oysters Hama Hama is known for and a little about the clams we should be eating more of. We talk about cycles large and small as Lissa guides us through the seasons of a multi-generational business and the tidal cycles of the oyster business.

This podcast illuminates aquaculture and the way an oyster so perfectly reflects its ecosystem back to us through flavor but it is also the story of how time changes a place and the people who call it home.

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We Also Talk About

  • Clams clams clams!
  • The meditation we find in work
  • Diversified farms
  • Stewardship and family businesses


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Further Reading:

The Living Shore by Rowan Jacobsen 

A Geography of Oysters by Rowan Jacobsen 

The Oysters of Locmariaquer by Eleanor Clark

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