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How to Find Ecological Literacy in an Age of Disconnection with
Bobby Gill

This episode unpacks the relationships between all things, taking a systems view of mind, body, and soil. Bobby Gill is the Director of Development and Communications at the Savory Institute but he is also on a similar quest to uncover the way life is connected on a multitude of different levels. This is a deep dive into ecology, humanity’s relationship with nature over time, and finding ecological literacy in an age of ecological illiteracy. Bobby and Kate unpack the idea of systems thinking through the lens of the textbook ‘Systems View of Life’. Technology, psychedelics, ruminants, nutrient cycling, parenting are all part and parcel of this wide ranging conversation. We also explore the way that meat has been portrayed in media and dive into some of Bobby’s work with the Savory Institute. This is a conversation that is truly not to be missed.

We also talk about:
  • Holistic planning
  • Ruminants as ecosystem engineers
  • Embodying the full expression of life and health
  • & so much more!
Bobby’s TEDx Talk 
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