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A Curious Journey Into the Mineral Matrix with
Hamid Jabbar

Your mineral status is reflected in the mineral status of the soils, of your mother, and of your grandmother. Hammid Jabbar is exploring the way the mineral matrix affects our energy and the way minerals connect us back to our universal nature. In this episode, we look at the mineral depletion in soils and what that might mean about our own mineral status. Hamid first got interested in minerals through the lens of ancestral diets and then, later, plant medicines. After finding Morley Robbins’ work and the Root Cause Protocol, Hamid began to see first hand how changing his mineral status was improving his health. We first explore the role of mitochondria and how our maternal matrix informs our biology and just how much our mineral status in preconception, pregnancy, and beyond influences both our health and the health of our children. Much of this discussion looks through the lens of copper, as we get curious about her role in the regulation of iron, of our energy creation, and health. We discuss thirst as a product of mineral depletion and how mental health is also reflective of mineral status. Hamid offers a beautiful perspective on why we should do away with the idea of the mind/body connection and come home to our wholeness and how sound can heal. 

We also talk about: 

  • Time
  • Integrating knowledge and finding a season for rest 
  • How EMFs are impacting us and how we can become less sensitive
  • All about retinol

Find Hamid

Instagram: @mineralshaman, @hamid.jabbar
Hamid’s Sound Healing Courses
Hamid’s Mineral Coaching 
Hamid’s Sonoran Sound Singing Bowls vol. 1

Further Reading:

Cure Your Fatigue by Morley Robbins
What Your Food Ate by David Montgomery and Anne Bikle 
Dr. Martin Pall’s work on EMFs 

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