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What Does the Soil Say About What is Possible? From Soil to Spirit to the Feminine with Molly Haviland

Molly Haviland is a soil microbial ecologist and self proclaimed soil dork who works in land rehabilitation with her company, Haviland Earth Regeneration (HER). In today’s episode she shares the contents of her microscope, illuminating the beautiful universe beneath our feet, through story. She begins by walking us through ways we can open up a dialogue with the plant realm and form a relationship with nature. We then dive below the Earth’s crust as Molly walks us through a peek into the soil food web and the characters and organisms that exist there. Her reflections on soil naturally evolve into a reflection of society and how the communities below ground might offer us ideas for our communities above ground and our own health and wellness. We talk about reclaiming the feminine in how we connect to earth and ourselves, learning to get in touch with our intuition and sense of embodiment and also dive into what it might mean to compost grief. Molly has a true gift for speaking and this episode will find you wanting to go out and hold the earth and speak to the soil, it is not to be missed.


We also talk about: 

  • Listening to the land
  • & so much more

Find Molly:


Instagram: @haviland_earth_regeneration

Website: Microherder’s Manifesto

Further Reading Mentioned: 

We based some of this conversation off of the work of Maureen Murdoch in the Heroine’s Journey 

Plant Spirit Medicine Eliot Cowan

For the Love of Soil by Nicole Masters

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