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Talking Turkey: From Animal Monoculture to Biodiversity
with Frank Reese and Jed Greenberg

In this special ‘Thanksgiving’ episode, Frank Reese and Jed Greenberg of Good Shepherd Conservancy are talking turkey. Frank gives an incredibly fascinating in depth run down of the history of the poultry industry, from the incredible men and women that defined standardbred poultry in the 1800’s to the rise of industrial poultry in the mid 1900’s and how the industrial model really set the tone for other confinement operations with other species. He discusses how he came about preserving biodiversity in a world that favors animal monoculture and genetics in a time where 1 breed of livestock goes extinct each week and why biodiversity is so important. We also explore the studies that show that standardbred birds can have a lower omega 3:omega 6 ratio based on genetics alone! In the end, we talk about turkey specifically and the mission at Good Shepherd to bring better raised poultry to everyone!

We also talk about: 

  • Cooking heritage turkeys
  • & so much more


Find Frank + Jed:

Instagram: @good_shepherd_conservancy


Order Turkeys: If you’re in Colorado/local to Denver:, If you’re anywhere else: 

Resources Mentioned: 

Chicken People 

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

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