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Episode 41: Turning the Hard Work of Farmers into Food
with Anna Borgman

Anna Borgman is a butcher, slaughterwoman, ardent reader, and curious student of life. In this episode we dive deep into one of the most unexplored aspects of our food system: the slaughterhouse. The place where animals make their transition to food through the portal of death. We dive into what this means: what it means for the people working there, how our current culture misses this step in the food chain, and what it means to “turn the hard work of farmers into food.” Anna and I also talk about our own relationships with death and how anxieties around death led her to get closer to understanding something that can never be fully understood. We didn’t stop there, though, and in this episode we talk about how our bodies may just be vehicles for microbes, seeking out disconfirmation, leveraging curiosity, and so much more.

We Also Talk About: 

  • Body Image and Butchery
  • Humans place on earth 
  • & so much more 

Find Anna:

Instagram: @annaborgman, @foragefed

Website: Forage Fed 


Resources from the Episode:

The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky

Red Meat Republic by Joshua Specht

The Meat Paradox by Rob Percival

North Bridger Bison

Custom Knives: @jessevosler_vigilanteforge


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