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Episode 44: Where do the Food Lies begin? Searching for Sapien Wisdom
with Bria Sanders

Brian Sanders is the brain behind the upcoming film series Food Lies and the Instagram account by the same name. His work with Food Lies and his podcast, Peak Human, is about uncovering the lies we’ve been told about food. We dive deep in this podcast to explore where the engine driving the lies in our food system might have gotten its start. How far back does it go? We look at the beginning of agriculture, Egyptian slave labor, and, most recently, the Rockefellers. This has major implications for the systems of modern day life past the food system and we peek at our education system, medical system, financial system and more. At the heart of this conversation, though, is how our relationship with food makes us human and whether or not we can return to the meaning of the Homo Sapien (wise human) or if we’ll continue to fall for the lies we’re being sold. 

We Also Talk About: 

  • Community as a nutrient and its role in our lives
  • Satiety and its importance 
  • & so much more 


0:12:08: Brian’s Background
0:17:43: Where being human and food intersect
0:25:42: Power structures and food
0:31:23: Where the food lies begin.
0:42:19: Where the food lies meet big money
0:46:07: The weaponization of the greater good 
0:52:09: What to do to get out of a broken system/exit the matrix
1:04:08: Are humans wired for comfort and how do we dig into discomfort?
1:14:00: Are humans capable of long term thinking?
1:26:00: Community as a nutrient
1:29:49: Satiety 

Find Brian:

Instagram: @food.lies
Podcast: Peak Human
Film Website: Food Lies 

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Eat Like a Human by Bill Schindler
Peak Human Guest: Gary Fettke
Peak Human Guest: Ted Naiman on Satiety
Peak Human Guest: Mary Ruddick on Debunking Blue Zones
Justin Wren on Joe Rogan re: Community

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