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A Hero’s Journey for Humanity: Death in the Garden with Maren Morgan and Jake Marquez

Maren Morgan and Jake Marquez are on a journey to find the truth and the root of connectedness through their film, podcast series, and future book – Death in the Garden. In this episode, we unpack a lot of the stories, mythologies, narratives, and perhaps truths of what it means to be human. At the beginning, Jake and Maren lead us through the garden whether they are the physical gardens we tend, Eden, or our conception of utopia. In those gardens, they touch on concepts like consciousness, order, chaos, nature, agriculture, and beyond. Underpinning those conversations are questions like: what is the human role with earth? In a time when misanthropy runs rampant, how do we reclaim our place in the garden with the rise of AI and the machine? We unpack Jake and Maren’s past and history with food, with veganism, and whether or not eating meat imbues us with more aliveness and a sense of the sacredness of relationships. But there is no food without death and so next we unpack death and what it means to practice dying, to try to control death, to accept death, and to look at death not as an end, but as an alchemical space of transformation. Jake weaves in our own more recent mythologies, and how Harry Potter and Star Wars have become a part of our narratives around death.


We Also Talk About: 

  • Community as a nutrient and its role in our lives
  • Satiety and its importance 
  • & so much more 


0:12:08: Brian’s Background
0:17:43: Where being human and food intersect
0:25:42: Power structures and food
0:31:23: Where the food lies begin.
0:42:19: Where the food lies meet big money
0:46:07: The weaponization of the greater good 
0:52:09: What to do to get out of a broken system/exit the matrix
1:04:08: Are humans wired for comfort and how do we dig into discomfort?
1:14:00: Are humans capable of long term thinking?
1:26:00: Community as a nutrient
1:29:49: Satiety 

Find Brian:

Instagram: @food.lies
Podcast: Peak Human
Film Website: Food Lies 

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