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10% Human
with Alanna Collen

How do we begin to explore and illustrate the multi-factorial complexity that surrounds us? This has become one of the guiding questions of the podcast and Alanna Collen, author of 10% Human, has a gift for navigating the tangled webs of connection. Author and evolutionary biologist, Alanna’s book set an early stage for conversations around the microbiome a decade ago. In this episode, we look at some overarching themes around the blurred lines of self and other, how influenced we are by the microbes that surround us, how we illustrate complexity in a world of reduction, alongside some of her new work on the obesity epidemic. While the majority of our conversation looks at the broad strokes, we do explore some of the marvels of the microbiome especially around childbirth, breastfeeding, and beyond. 

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Instagram: @alanna.collen

Twitter: @alannacollen 

10% Human by Alanna Collen


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