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Innate Magic with
Chelsea Connor

Chelsea Connor is one of those people who exudes the kind of magic that leads you back home to yourself. Combining science, research, and an innate understanding of the nervous system, our conversation is a journey about the art of slowing down, learning to listen to our bodies, and beginning to heal our nervous systems. We deep dive into the nervous system, exploring physiology alongside a more intuitive approach to how we might begin to heal starting with looking to our childhood passions as a gateway to that healing journey. We don’t leave the conversation there, though, and we meander through topics like moving from the city to a rural environment and all that entails, finding who you are without society’s perceptions, the art of slowing down, understanding nervous systems through the lens of our relationship with our parents (and horses!), and so much more. Chelsea is not just a wealth of information but feels like a bright light in the health space, bringing a sense of joy and play to her work and a felt sense of magic to the world of our nervous systems. This conversation is a fun one!
We Also Talk About
  • Our experiences as first-time horse owners
  • Cacao and tapping into ritual
  • Nourishment for body and mind
  • EMFs and grounding
  • Breathwork
  • Attunement
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