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We really believe in laying the ground work. It started by laying the ground work for our selves, traversing the landscape of mistakes and some successes, and learning by touch. We believe that we are better and stronger for our failures and for our deep explorations into problem solving. We know that starting out on any journey means getting your hands dirty.

We are excited to offer different services business and farm consulting and personal nutrition and cooking consulting.

Nutrition + Cooking Consulting

Kate Kavanaugh is a certified nutrition therapist and chef. Having suffered from anxiety and depression for most of her life, Kate left her vegetarian diet at the age of 20 to see if it offered her any relief. This set off a lifelong journey into connecting with her food, from farm to table. Guided by the idea that we can heal both land and bodies when we get back to more intuitive ways of eating, Kate is able to work with clients with a variety of needs. She specializes in hormone balancing, mental health, addiction recovery, and finding meals that work for the health of the whole family.

Additionally, Kate offers consulting on cooking. The kitchen is a whole different ecosystem and one that learning the rhythms of can save vast amounts of time and energy. From meal planning and shopping to the techniques that easily elevate home cooking, Kate has a solution.

Business + Farm Consulting

Josh Curtiss is a wiz with Excel, building everything from pro formas for seeking funding, yield calculators for the meat business, and budget spreadsheets. He is also a master carpenter and builder, frequently crafting budget-friendly builds for farm and business. His passion for building the business framework that a start-up needs is rivaled only by his building the actual framework that gives it legs to stand on.


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