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Salt of the Earth with
Nancy Bruns

“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi. 


Salt is not just a seasoning on your table – it is the currency of cells, the crystal of life. This podcast unfolds in two parts. At the beginning is a mini-dive into salt with Kate. Why does salt matter so much? From history, to our biology, salt has an important place at the table. In the second part, an interview with Nancy Bruns of JQ Dickinson Salt-Works in West Virginia. Nancy shares the story of her 7th generation salt operation in the Kanawha valley in Appalachia where they make salt by hand using the power of the sun and the briny waters of an ancient underground ocean. We explore the process of making salt and how it connects us to the land, to our bodies, and to history.

We Also Talk About

  • The salt-making process
  • The importance of trace minerals
  • The difference between JQD salt and sea salt
  • A brief history of salt
  • & so much more 


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