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Collecting Skills with
Josh Curtiss

In this episode, Kate takes a step outside of her relationship with her husband and really gets curious about what makes the man she married tick. This discussion is both rollicking and intimate. Josh Curtiss has been collecting skills over the last two decades – as a master carpenter, butcher, farmer, welder, entrepreneur, and so much more. We talk about how he arrived at the decision to collect skills and how he tended to and cultivated them over the years. Not just that, but we talk about play and joy as skills that we must practice. As Josh says “play is the embodiment of practicing joy.” Josh had a lot to say about what it means to play and how we can create a sense of play in everyday life. We dive into the food system, talking intimately about what it means to invest in our food and in our health. We parse out the difference between lifespan and healthspan and what keeps us accountable in our journeys toward health, and we talk about running businesses together over the last decade and how we approach farming and entrepreneurship as a couple. Our intimate conversation leads us in and out of the intricacies of growing and evolving together. And throughout the conversation, is a thread of joy, and what it means to cultivate it. This conversation is as surprising and gentle as it is intimate.

We also talk about:
  • Raising animals
  • Finding presence and focus
  • Dangerous jobs
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