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Forest to Home with
Katrina Amaral

We follow the journey of a log from forest to home with Katrina Amaral of Timberdoodle Farm. Have you ever wondered where the wood beneath your feet, in your walls, and your furniture comes from? As Katrina puts it “pretty much wherever you are, you’re within 5 feet of a wood product.” Katrina brings her lens of conservation work to her and her husband’s sawmill in New Hampshire. Drawing similarities between a local and more globalized food system, Katrina guides us through a look at what a local and global lumber trade looks like. As wood prices skyrocket, it’s a good time to get curious about what the lumber market is all about and how to tap into your local one. Covered is everything from forest stewardship, urban wood removal, utilizing local species over trendy species of wood, and bringing architects and designers into the conversation. If you’ve ever wanted to better connect with wood and the forest – this is the podcast!

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