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Decentralization 101: A Look at the Similarities Between Bitcoin and Beef with
Tristan Scott

Tristan Scott wants to figure out where beef and bitcoin overlap – and the areas where they overlap turns out to be rather surprising and plentiful. Is the moment when Nixon takes the U.S. off the Gold Standard where both our health and currency woes begin? Tristan and Kate explore the answer to that question by looking at two parallel journeys: a weakening U.S. dollar and the rise of Bitcoin and the precipitous decline in health and the centralization of our food system and the rebirth of the local and regenerative food movement.  Are bitcoin and regenerative beef disrupting the current paradigm? Could be. Kate’s father had a saying: “You can see as far up a bull’s ass as I can” and this holds true for looking at the future trends for bitcoin and beef, but at the end of this marathon episode, it’s clear that the time for decentralization is nigh. Please note, there is no financial advice in this episode, nor should you take it as such.


Find Tristan:
Twitter: @bitcoinand_beef 
Instagram: @bitcoinandbeef & @tristan_health

Further Reading:
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Resources Mentioned: 
Texas Slim and the Beef Initiative 

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