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Complexity, Cooperation, and Beauty - A New Story for Earth
with Ferris Jabr

In this episode, Kate sits down with author Ferris Jabr, whose book Becoming Earth: How Our Planet Came to Life comes out on June 25th. Ferris’ love of other animals and plants started at an early age and that fascination has grown into an incredible career as a journalist, exploring the perspective of ecosystems, animals, and the earth itself. Beginning with his garden in Portland, Kate and Ferris span out into the garden of earth itself and the way life creates the conditions for its own existence. From the young ages of the earth and the reciprocal processes between bacteria and our atmosphere, they explore some of the salient cycles that bend chronological time and minds alike. Plankton, and their jaw-dropping role in earth, become a vehicle for talking about how Saharan Africa fertilizes the Amazon which causes rain in the midwest. They discuss how throughout earth’s timescale, complexity grows and with it, the complexity of the relationships between life and environment and earth. They also explore the human animal’s role on earth and its cycles and what it might mean to tell ourselves a new story. An excellent episode to explore complexity, cooperation, mutuality, and beauty. 



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Find Ferris:

Becoming Earth: How Our Planet Came to Life 

X: @ferrisjabr 

Instagram: @ferrisjabr

Ferris’ Articles

The Story of Storytelling

How Beauty is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution

Resources Mentioned: 

An Immense World by Ed Yong

The Ends of the World by Peter Brannen

How to Be Animal by Melanie Challenger

Systems View of Life by Fritjof Capra

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