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Finding Fertility Through an Ancestral Diet + Practices with
Sarah Kleiner

Sarah Kleiner has been on a health journey and each leap she has made has been because of her children. In this episode, we talk about finding fertility and upending the traditional paradigm of fertility treatments and preconception diet. Sarah’s journey truly begins when her daughter was diagnosed with autism 13 years ago, leading Sarah to explore the world of diets from vegetarian to carnivore. More recently, after failed attempts to conceive and hold a pregnancy, Sarah looked to circadian biology, red light therapy, and cold exposure to help her become pregnant. Sarah walks us through that journey, what she’s craving during this pregnancy, all while unlocking vital information about our exposure to the sun, how we can think about hydration, EMFs, and so much more. 


We also talk about:

  • What the rise of sunscreen use and the decline in health might have in common
  • How we can get healthy sun exposure
  • Parenting fearlessly 
  • & so much more 


Find Sarah:

Instagram: @carnivore.yogi

YouTube: Carnivore Yogi

Website: Courses + Webinars

Further Reading:

Red Light + Fertility Study (and further reading HERE)

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Crystal Work

Nourishment by Fred Provenza 

Resources Mentioned: 

Sarah’s Interview with Corey Ghazvini

Sarah’s Interview with Ian Mitchell

BJ’s Raw Pet Food

Iris Blue Light Blocking Computer Software (a personal favorite)

Quinton Minerals (another personal favorite)

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