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Learning to Come Home to Yourself with
Lacey Jean

Lacey Jean is. Lacey Jean is many things, a polymath at heart, at once butcher, mobile processor, hide tanner, shearer, and shepherdess but none of the many hats she wears defines Lacey Jean. This is one of those incredibly juicy conversations where you walk away feeling more alive for it, dripping with honesty and earnestness, triumph and failure, and the meandering path we are all taking as we try to find home within ourselves. As Lacey embarks on building her own Geodome home by hand in the Pacific Northwest, she muses about what it’s taken to build a home in herself. Already, as she has started to move in, she has noticed how living in the round is changing her mindset and we explore the round robustness of cycles – from life to death and back into life again. And we talk about all the skills she has built to get here and what it means to own and choose to feel into your own capability. Lacey talks about holding death as a butcher and mobile processor but also what it means to let parts of your self and your dream die.

We also talk about: 

  • Using social media as inspiration, not comparison
  • Raising sovereign children 

Find Lacey

Instagram: @fireheart_shepherdess

Online Hide Tanning Course

Further Reading:
Radical Homemaker by Shannon Hayes 

Resources Mentioned: 
Lines written in the days of growing darkness by Mary Oliver

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