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Meat + Health, An Interview of Kate from the This Plus That Podcast

Brandi Stanley, who is an incredible interviewer and explorer of paradox, was generous enough to share this interview of Kate from her podcast, This Plus That. In this interview, Kate explores the paradox of life and death, the desire for things to taste better and what that means ecologically. She expounds on the difference between conventional and ‘regenerative’ agriculture and the history of reciprocity between animals and plants. She also talks about how life thrives at edge zones, the place where forest meets field and stream meets field and how much richness and biodiversity we can find there. No podcast with Kate would be complete without a dive into Ancel Keys and how we replaced fat with sugar much to our detriment. Additionally, Brandi and Kate explore their shared love of complexity, nuance, and long form.


If you loved Brandi, and we know you will, you can find her podcast here. You can also look forward to an interview with her on this podcast soon!

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