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Regulating Your Nervous System to Deepen Your Connection Pt 1 with
Irene Lyon

In this episode, Irene Lyon breaks down not just the fundamentals of the nervous system but just how fundamental healing your nervous system is. It’s where we deepen our connection to ourselves and our environment. You’ll learn about how the nervous system is set in early childhood and how that forms the foundation for how we interact with the world. We dive into how we can harness neuroplasticity and the same regeneration and resiliency we see in nature to begin to shift the way our nervous system is regulated. As chronic health conditions and depression are on the rise, Irene looks at something that may be at the root of the matter – the state of our nervous systems. It may not be a quick fix, and we cover all the myths around the hacks and quick fixes that dominate the wellness sphere these days, and the truth that healing the nervous system is about building devotion to your body for the long haul. Irene shares her own story of how injuries and childhood experiences shaped her journey and how weaving together her work in the personal training and fitness world, somatic experiencing, and nervous system training with some of the world’s foremost practitioners – Peter Levine and Kathy Kain – led her to create a whole library of education and courses for healing your nervous system. We also explore how healing the nervous system isn’t just about the individual, but also about the next generation. 

We also talk about: 

  • Is the vagus nerve overhyped? 
  • Why meditation may not be working for you
  • Why a preconception nervous system reset may be in order
  • What nature teaches us about the nervous system 

Find Irene

Instagram: @irenelyon

21 Day Nervous System Tune Up – I loved it so much, I became an affiliate! If you use these links, I receive a commission. 
SmartBody SmartMind Course 

Further Reading:

Scared Sick by Robin Karr-Morse
When the Body Says No by Gabor Maté
Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine
African Babies Don’t Cry (an essay) by Claire Niala

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