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A Process of Reclamation: Farming, Family, and Beyond with
Tara Couture

This is an episode you won’t want to miss, chock full of conversations around rightness, death, farming, and preservation – not just of food – but of ways of life. Caught in the heat of August and the peak of harvest, we talk about what it means to preserve something beyond just what is going into our freezers, cans, and solar dehydrators. We talk about preserving a different way of life. In it, we unpack the ways that death invites us to experience the full range of our humanity and connectedness. Tara dives into farming in Canada and beyond and what regulations might mean for the future freedom of our food system. There is an honest and in depth conversation on marriage, the highs and the lows, and how we can show up in service to our spouse. Within that, we cover what bulls and men have in common and how thoroughly both should be celebrated. We explore service over purpose and why chasing happiness isn’t the answer. Throughout the conversation, we talk about raising animals, eating delicious food, celebration of small farms, and freedom.

We also talk about:
  • Going beyond what is comfortable and safe
  • Nutrition
  • & so much more!

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