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After the Summit: Climbing Mt. Rainier with
Erin Pata

In May, Erin Pata and I sat down and talked about ranching, art, raising kids, and climbing mountains. It was also about navigating life as a highly sensitive person, listening to your inner knowing, and consciously creating your path in life. If you didn’t catch this first episode – I highly recommend returning to it before diving in here. Erin is full of as much wisdom as she is humor, a true delight to listen to.
At the time of our last episode, she was looking towards the summit of Mt. Rainier. Late this Summer, I sat down with Erin and talked about that journey. Did she make it to the top? What was the process like? Was the summit the high point of the climb? In this mini-episode, Erin shares her journey and it’s one of deep inspiration. It’s about doing the thing you’ve always dreamt of doing, it’s about Type 2 fun, and it’s about it never being too late to learn a skill in life, to climb the mountain.
Find stunning pictures of Erin’s climb on the episode webpage!
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Robert MacFarlane’s Mountains of the Mind

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