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Start a Farm: Can Raw Cream Save the World?
with Blair Prenoveau

Blair is a farmer, a mother, a homeschooler, a milkmaid, a renegade. On this episode, I sit down with Blair Prenoveau who you might know as @startafarm on Instagram. In this episode, she unpacks why you might start a farm including the deep purpose, nutrition, and connection it offers. She doesn’t, however, shy away from the hardships and together we deep dive into the financial hardship that is owning a very small farm. We also talk about intimacy with your food and connecting to death. She shares about her journey raising 4 homeschooled kids largely solo and what it has meant to be a single mother farming. The positive feedback loop on eating nourishing food is an important topic, and we posit why it may just be the most important step in getting people to start more farms. 

We Also Talk About: 

  • Mending 
  • Milking
  • & so much more 

Find Blair:
Instagram: @startafarm 


00:00:00: Kate on a note of hope 
00:05:23: Nervous Systems
00:08:33: What Good Shall I Do Conference 
00:10:15: Our own labor counts when raising our food 
00:13:22: Blair’s background
00:22:43: Start a farm 
00:44:15: Connecting deeply to our animals 
01:03:29: Bucking the system 
01:18:00: Farming and parenting
01:28:00: Farming finances 
01:45:40: Raw cream saves the world 

Mentioned in Intro

Irene Lyon’s SmartBody SmartMind Course
What Good Shall I Do Conference

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