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Technology, Processed Food, and Thumbs Make Us Human (But not in the ways you might think)....
with Dr. Bill Schindler

Dr. Bill Schindler is an experimental archaeologist, anthropologist, restauranteur, hunter, butcher, father, husband…. And Renaissance man when it comes to early man. Author of ‘Eat Like a Human’, Bill and I dive right into a conversation about the origins of homo sapiens and how technology and morphology shaped our modern form. We talk about hunting and the consumption of meat vs animal and how butchery evolves alongside humans. Bill owns a restaurant, Modern Stoneage Kitchen, and we take a sidebar conversation to explore entrepreneurship, food safety, and more in relation to getting healthy food to people. This naturally dovetails into a conversation about all things fermented and the microbiome of ruminants, fowl, humans, and beyond. We close up with a conversation about the consumption of clays, geophagy, and ultimately the importance of sharing food with the people we love.

Please note if you want more of the foundations of ‘Eat Like a Human’ and Bill’s work – I’ve linked to a couple of interviews of his that I enjoyed on other podcasts.

We Also Talk About: 

  • Geophagy 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • & so much more

Other Great Interviews with Bill: 

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Find Bill: 

Eat Like a Human by Dr. Bill Schindler
Bill’s Instagram: @drbillschindler 
Modern Stoneage Kitchen Instagram: @modernstoneagekitchen
Eastern Shore Food Lab Instagram: @esfoodlab

Bill’s Website


00:05:33: Bill Introduces Himself
00:09:53: Origins of Modern Homo Sapien
00:18:05: Kate has a bone to pick about Thumbs
00:24:32: Other factors potentially driving evolution and culture
00:31:37: How hunting changes the game 
00:34:48: Meat vs animal; butchery now and then 
00:43:05: A brief history of food safety and exploration of modern food entrepreneurship
00:54:12: Fermentation and microbiomes in humans, rumens, crops, and beyond
01:11:11: Geophagy 
01:21:21: the cultural importance of food is… maybe the most important part
01:29:59: Processed food 

Resources Mentioned: 

St. Catherines: An Island in Time by David Hurst Thomas
The Art of Natural Cheesemaking by David Asher
Charcutier, Slumiere, Wurstmeister Francois Vecchio
How to Eat Clay 

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