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Choosing The Stories We Tell Ourselves
with Caroline Nelson

Quick Note: A technical glitch in new recording software meant that my audio was recorded not on my microphone. My deepest apologies for the decline in audio quality! It’s still great, just a little tinny, won’t happen again!

Caroline is a rancher, cow girl, an entrepreneur, and a newly minted podcast host of Chews Wisely. In this marathon episode, we cover a lot of ground, but central to the conversation is an exploration of the stories we’re telling ourselves as individuals, as farmers and ranchers, and as a society and what it would mean to change them. Caroline shares about the stories she heard growing up and how she chose to tell herself a new story – a story that would lead her through a career in music, to masonry, to ranching in Montana. We meander through what it means to build a regenerative business, looking at your return on investment on time, and building the scaffolding for a new business led with femininity. We explore what it means to cultivate aggressive joy and how we can use choice as a lever in that process. We also talk about the way food is marketed, greenwashing, and how waste management might actually be the climate solution we’re looking for (jk, there are no panaceas, but it might help!). 

We Also Talk About: 

  • Building grit + tenacity 
  • Trusting ourselves
  • Finding steadiness
  • Imposter syndrome 

Find Caroline:

Instagram: @bigskycaroline
Meat: Little Creek Montana
Podcast: @chewswisely      
Cowgirl Camp  


00:06:47: Special announcement for Stella Maria Baer’s Earth Oil Pigment Workshop
00:14:04: Caroline enters the chat and we complain about our husbands
00:18:24: Accountability to your future self
00:30:58: No quick fixes, big or small
00:39:49: Caroline’s backstory
01:01:52: Building a Business and the Trust Muscle
01:26:39: Including our Labor; ROI on Work
01:44:30: Cultivating aggressive joy
01:54:36: A new story for ranching
02:16:24: Embracing the feminine in business and beyond
02:37:14: Our relationship with food
02:44:58: Chews Wisely

In the Intro:

Stella Maria Baer’s Oil Pigment Paints Workshop 

Resources Mentioned:

The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdoch 

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