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Chewing the Fat with
Brad Marshall

Brad Marshall knows a thing or two about fat. Farmer, butcher, chef, and molecular biologist; Brad has looked at fat through a lot of different lenses. He is known for his work around diets low in polyunsaturated fatty acids, more commonly known as PUFAs. We dig deep on the detrimental effects these are having on human, and even animal, health. Whether looking at PUFAs in vegetable oils or corn and soy fed hogs, we explore just how PUFAs are changing us.
We also get to explore how Brad translated his knowledge of PUFAs into his farming practices with pigs, exploring mob rotational grazing pigs and the incredible intuition of a hog’s palate for plants. We look at how the American, and even the global, diet has changed over the years and its implications for health. We dig into the financial model around farming, butcher shops, and the need for financial sustainability to exist alongside environmental sustainability.
Not to mention – we have a fair bit of fun – put two butchers and farmers in a conversation and watch as Brad breaks down a complicated topic with a lot of levity. This is a great episode for those that want to dig really deep into the science of fat and the art of raising pigs.
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