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Increasing Connection + Sensation
with Adrian Grenier

So many of us have had the experience of nature, of farming, bringing us back to ourselves. Adrian Grenier’s story isn’t much different – several years ago he found himself disconnected and in a state of constantly numbing. Coming back to the idea of ‘chop wood, carry water’ he came home to a place after changing just about everything. Adrian and I talk about the nature of disconnection and the connection we can find in nature. We start with the idea that everything has to die – even versions of ourselves – in order to nourish our future, where we might even find ourselves in the infinite. One of Adrian’s philosophies is to constantly be increasing sensation and connection – so we dive into just what that might mean on a practical level. Adrian is an apprenctice of the land and exploring what it means to live at Earth Speed.

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Instagram: @adriangrenier, @earthspeed
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00:00:00: Introducing Adrian and how we met 
00:10:30: Spring sets some themes of death, rebirth, renewal, transformation
00:12:37: Finding future self in the infinite 
00:18:30: Death of versions of ourselves 
00:20:30: Chop wood, carry water – connecting to nature 
00:26:35: Increasing sensation and connection 
00:35:00: Connecting to intuition 
00:41:00: Being an apprentice to the land
00:46:05: Living at the cadence of earth speed 
00:55:40: Feeling at home in earth + our current isolation
01:07:32: Starting with small solutions 

Books Mentioned:

Matter and Desire: An Erotic Ecology

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