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Cook your way to an Economy of Peace
with Cate Havstad Cased

Cate Havstad-Casad is redefining what it means to be a holistic entrepreneur. Using her lens of holism and looking at how to scale businesses while still keeping in mind natural limits of growth, she has built Havstad Hat Co and Range Revolutions and Casad Family Farms in conjunction with her husband, Chris. She is as passionate about soil as she is about her community and as passionate about her community as she is about changing the world. In this episode we talk about her incredible closed loop farm, the revolution she is building in the fashion world with Range Revolution, and her new venture building a co-op in Central Oregon. We also explore water in the West and tease out both bureaucratic and climatic drought and how to build more resilient systems in brittle environments. In this reverse interview, we delve into Cate’s heritage and what makes her tick in the latter half of the show – exploring how we inherit intergenerational strengths and how we can consider passing those along to our kids.

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Instagram: @rangerevolution, @casadfamilyfarms, @havstadhatco 



00:07:10: Cate + Kate Begin: Defining a Revolution
00:11:37: Economics of Peace 
00:16:33: Closed loop systems and Casad Family Farms
00:37:13: Drought 
01:03:36: Range Revolution and regenerative leather 
01:27:29: Economies of scale 
01:39:51: Our heritage is a part of what drives us 
01:49:54: Our parents, becoming parents


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