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Exploring the Mystery + Embracing the Unknown
with Fred Provenza

Over the course of a couple of months, Fred and I spent a lot of time writing back and forth about mystery and uncertainty with the intention of bringing that conversation to the podcast. Fred Provenza is well known for his research contributions to the field of livestock nutrition and behavior, but this conversation goes beyond that and into the great unknown. Fred is, at his heart, teacher and student both, sharing his curiosity as ‘a cosmic voyager’ here on earth. Through that lens, we explore cultivating a childlike sense of wonder at the interconnectedness of life and all the ‘whys’. We talk about finding and embracing who you are – and supporting it as parents and teachers. Fred shares about how illness changed his outlook and brought him, for a time, to a space of oneness. Ultimately, the conversation is about the uncertainty and transitory nature of life. It is wide-ranging and, I hope, heartwarming. 


Find Fred:

Nourishment by Fred Provenza


00:00:00: Kate shares about getting back on the wagon post hiatus
00:11:30: Fred and Kate drop right into the deep end 
00:16:45: Finding a childlike sense of wonder 
00:27:57: Everything is interconnected, on a continuum
00:42:31: We are participators, boundaries are arbitrary, relationships matter
01:02:43: Seeing connections looking backward on life
01:11:45: Animal teachers – behavior, parenting, and beyond
01:20:27: We are part of ‘place’
01:27:57: Finding oneness through illness
01:44:42: Cultivating conversation and a new educational paradigm
01:51:34: Be who you are and nurture that in children
02:07:00: Embracing uncertainty
02:15:55: Everything is transitory


The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge
Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani
Power of Now by Eckharte Tolle
The Experience of Nothingness by Nisargadatta Maharaj


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