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Episode 73: Your Fertility is Your Health: Real Food for Fertility with Lily Nichols, RDN

Lily Nichols returns to the podcast to discuss what it means to optimize for fertility – and for vitality. This episode is for everyone: men, women, people trying to conceive and not! Lily’s new book “Real Food for Fertility,” centers on how whole foods can enhance fertility. The book is backed by extensive research with over 2,500 citations and comes recommended for those looking to improve their health. In the episode, Kate and Lily draw attention to the similarities between soil, animal, and human health, as well as the negative effects of modern living that underscore the critical role of preconception health. Tune in for a discussion that includes explorations on egg/sperm quality, menstruation as a vital sign, amino acids, vegetarian diets in pregnancy, micronutrient balance, and more! 

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First Episode with Lily

Real Food for Fertility

Real Food for Pregnancy 

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