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Chasing Water with
Heather Hansman

Heather Hansman knows a thing or two about water. Adventurer, writer, and journalist, Heather Hansman embarked on a journey some years ago to raft the length of the Green River from the headwaters in Wyoming down through Utah. Along the way, she looked at shareholders along the length of the river: ranchers and ag, fisheries and fisherman, outdoorsmen and recreational users, rural and urban endeavors – and she puts it all together in her beautiful book Down River. Heather has also recently published Powder Days and her wonderful essays are found in publications from Outside to Scientific American. We talk a lot about water in the West – especially as the 100 year anniversary of the Colorado River Compact, which determined how the Colorado River water would be divided between 7 states, comes around this year. We dive into where that compact stands now and the issues facing water rights in the West now and in coming years. We also talk about how we connect to water – which is often through our time in nature. We dig into Heather’s adventures, connection to nature,  seasonal living, and so much more.
We Also Talk About
  • Our brains and bodies on nature – from cold plunges and beyond
  • How to connect to local water initiatives
  • & so much more!
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