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Choosing What to Carry Into the Future: Cate Havstad-Casad is Sowing Change with Regenerative Leather

Cate Havstad-Casad is leading the revolution in supply chains that nourish communities, ecosystems, and so much more with her regenerative leather company Range Revolution. In this episode, Cate breaks down what it means to re-build and repair the hide to leather supply chain from regenerative ranches, build a regenerative business, and implore capital and funders to think regeneratively, too. We talk about natural fibers vs the petroleum based fibers we’ve grown accustomed to and what it might mean to change our minds about fashion into something that is both lasting and well-made to stand the test of time and will degrade again when we give it back to the earth. It’s about using what’s here – taking something, like animal hides, that are being thrown away and incinerated and building a business around them. It’s also about taking what we’ve inherited and re-imagining it, knowing that we’re at a tipping point. We may not know if we’ll reap what we’re sowing, but we must keep growing towards a future for our children. It’s also about play, contentment, and friendship. 

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