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Quantum Interconnections with
Carrie Bennett

Carrie Bennett is unveiling the interconnectedness between us and our environment. Exploring health and connection through the lens of quantum biology, Carrie lays the ground work for understanding the electric nature of our bodies and how they interact with our environment to create energy. This podcast explores and uncovers the deep interconnectedness of mind, body, and soil that we’re always exploring and dives even deeper with discussions around exclusion zone water, EMFs, circadian biology, and more. She ties everything back to our connection with nature through light, ground, and water. Not only does Carrie elegantly deliver the foundational knowledge we need to understand these concepts but she provides an abundance of information on resources for quantum healing, many of them free and right outside your door.  This is a powerhouse of a podcast that spans both the technical and the actionable in an introduction to quantum biology.
We also talk about:
  • The surprising nature of collagen
  • Light as a nutrient
  • Seasonal living in colder climates
  • & so much more!
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