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How the Stimulus of Death Shapes Our Responses to Life
with Scott Carney

Scott Carney’s book ‘the Wedge’ changed my life a little bit, and it has led me down a rabbit hole into his work over the years. From the Enlightenment Trap, to What Doesn’t Kill Us, and into some of his interviews around consciousness. In this episode, we dive deep into death and how our biological programming to fear it can be both a hindrance and a reason to challenge ourselves. We talk about how the wellness industry wants to sell you living forever, and that might not be such a new idea. Ultimately, this is a conversation around our actions and the way we can place what Scott calls “the wedge” between stimulus and response at an individual level, and maybe even at a societal level. It’s also about getting out of our own perspective and imagining what it might be like to be a cat, or the motivations of a cell as much as it’s about learning to change our perspectives. 

Find Scott:

Instagram: @scottcarney

I thoroughly recommend Scott’s Audiobooks!

The Vortex
The Wedge
The Enlightement Trap
What Doesn’t Kill Us

Other Great Interviews with Scott: 

Scott Carney on Third Eye Drops


00:14:22: I finally stop talking and start the episode 
00:17:14: How fear of death shapes our biology
00:25:26: the wellness industry wants to sell you living forever
00:28:32: Ripple effects of our actions 
00:39:48: Self and other – being shaped by our environments and microbiome
00:48:15: ‘Umwelt’ and empathy 
00:51:26: Outsourcing our natural relationships to technology 
00:54:24: From a cell’s perspective
01:02:00: ‘the Wedge’ at a societal level 
01:17:42: Changing our minds
01:24:31: Being a generalist

Books Mentioned:

The Sandman (Book 1) by Neil Gaiman
Story of the Human Body by Daniel E Lieberman
Range by David Epstein

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