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From Smokejumping to Garlic Farming and Everything in Between
with Rob Krapfel

Rob Krapfel has been challenging himself for a long time. Whether teaching himself how to upland hunt as a teenager, navigating a career as a fish biologist, or becoming a smokejumper in his late 20’s, Rob has something to say about persistence and perseverance. Envisioning a life of adventure from a young age with a desire to do many different things, Rob has sought out the place where challenge, adventure, and honest work. In this episode we explore his philosophies on life, teaching yourself skills, and cultivating focus as someone who just can’t sit still. Most recently, Rob has transitioned into the world of growing Sundries Farm garlic in the Hagerman Valley of Idaho – and we dive deep into what it means to grow something from hand, the hardships and triumphs of small farming, and into garlic itself. This is a wide ranging conversation you won’t want to miss a beat of. 

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Instagram: @sundriesfarm

Sundries Farm Garlic 


  • Hand grown Sundries Farm Garlic is certified disease-free and grown in the volcanic soils of Idaho. With a range of soft and hard-neck varietals the unmatched flavor and big cloves are perfect for both your seed and culinary needs. Pre-order now for shipping in September. 

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