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Leaving our Children Shade
with Katie Forrester

Katie Forrest, together with her husband Taylor Collins, is the founder of Epic Bar and one of the minds behind Force of Nature Meats and Roam Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas. Katie herself is a force of nature as a business owner, mother, wife, rancher, and human. Together, we explore the perennial nature of hope and how we can think about modeling businesses after lessons we learn in nature. Spread throughout are messages from the land and from our children about learning to slow down and to listen and an exploration of hope. Towards the end, we cover the importance of ground meat to the food system and the important role of aggregators in the regenerative business ecosystem. This is a beautiful and very inspiring conversation.

We also talk about:

  • Navigating death with children and teens
  • Scaling home funerals
  • & so much more

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00:03:20: the Funeral Industry by the Numbers
00:08:29: Introducing Heidi and setting intentions
00:11:44: How death and funeral care has shifted in 150 years
00:21:27: How our views of death have shifted 
00:26:57: Fear of death vs fear of grief 
00:37:30: Modeling death as parents//for children
00:46:03: How media has shifted death 
00:52:39: The ‘how tos’ of home funeral care 
01:04:52: Nurturing our relationships with the dead 
01:15:14: The first 72 hours after death – making room for grief
01:30:18: Funeral care is scalable – you can pick and choose what you want to do
01:39:20: Bringing death home 

A List of Books Mentioned:

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More Resources:

Home Funeral Alliance 

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