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Episode 70: Dream: The Art and Science of Slumber with Scott Carney

Scott Carney makes his second appearance on the podcast to talk about his new book Dream: the Art and Science of Slumber. It’s a deliciously short book that reframes sleep. It’s a little bit science and a little bit art and it manages to quote Jurassic Park once, so it’s a big win. In this episode, Scott and I chase some rabbits around ideas related to sleep. Have we couched sleep in the language of economic productivity and forgotten what it is to dream? Does our sleep distill our life into emotions and do those exist to form the basis of our memories and who we are in waking life? What does the spectrum between sleep and wake say about our consciousness? We also touch in on Scott’s dreams of anacondas and what a rumen does anyway. This is a podcast that gives you, amongst many things, permission to dream.

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Scott’s Most Recent Book: Dream: the Art and Science of Slumber

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Scott’s Instagram: @sgcarney

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Books Mentioned:

the Experience Machine by Andy Clark

Saving Time by Jenny Odell

Now by Richard Muller

Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman

Yoga Nidra by Kamini Desai

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